Red Dwarf

Danny is best known for his role as the Cat in cult comedy TV series, Red Dwarf.

The Cat evolved from the offspring of Lister’s pet cat, Frankenstein. Although Cat has evolved, he still possesses feline qualities. Having spent the majority of his time on board Red Dwarf and Starbug with his fellow human crew-members, Cat eventually inherited many human-like qualities, and is now more vain than ever…

After 8 very successful series, it was announced there would be a Red Dwarf ‘mini-series’, in which filming would begin in early 2009. The 3-part series, ‘Back To Earth’ was aired on Easter weekend 2009. Grant Naylor Productions had said it had been on the cards since early 2008 – and it would be screened on UKTV channel ‘Dave’.

The three-part series was filmed as ‘anniversary specials’, to mark the twenty-first year of the show, and proved to be more popular than ever – with ground breaking viewing figures.

The episodes are set 9 years after the events of ‘Only the Good…’

Having left a tap running for 9 years, Holly is now set off-line due to excess water damage and Kochanski is dead… well, sort of…

In an interview with Dave before the broadcast of ‘Back to Earth’, Doug Naylor concluded that he would like to make another series – but would wait to see the reaction for ‘Back to Earth’ before any official plans were made.

Red Dwarf ‘Back to Earth’ and Red Dwarf Anniversary Edition are both now available on DVD.

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